BlackBerry Curve 8350i

Throwback Thursday BlackBerry Curve 8350i

    Today, we are starting a new segment here at! We are going back in time, and revisiting BlackBerry devices from the past! Each week, I will pull out a device from my collection of BlackBerry devices and taking a look at some of the biggest devices that BlackBerry ever... Read more →
BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic Now Available in Indonesia!

    The BlackBerry Classic has been slowly but surely making its debut in different parts of the world.  Today it is making its debut in Indonesia!  Now, in the past Indonesia has been a great market for BlackBerry! It will be available for IDR 5,599,000 starting March 26, 2015!  If there... Read more →

BlackBerry Leaked OS Now Available for Most Devices

    BlackBerry made available OS for those who are in the BlackBerry 10.3 beta program. Well it looks like someone in that group decided to make it available for those of us who are willing to take the risk.  The leaked OS started to look like it would only be available for the... Read more →

Behind the Design of the BlackBerry Leap

    The BlackBerry Leap has a very unique design story, just like every BlackBerry 10 device that has come out. Donny Halliwell of Inside BlackBerry Blog was lucky enough to sit down with the designers of the BlackBerry Leap Brian Paschke and Younghwan Kim to discuss the inspirations for... Read more →

Telkomsel is Now Taking Pre-Orders for the BlackBerry Classic

  If you are in Indonesia, and are patiently waiting to get your hands on the BlackBerry Classic, well your chance to pre-order one is here thanks to Telkomsel, which is one Indonesia’s largest wireless carriers! The have started taking pre-orders until March 24th.  Along with taking pre-orders,... Read more →

T-Mobile Offers New Business Plans Starting at $16 Per Line

    If your business is in the market for a new Business plan, you might want to check T-Mobile latest announcement out. T-Mobile is now offering business plans that include Unlimited Talk, Text and 1GB of data for $16 a month for 10 to 19 lines. Businesses with 20 or more lines will pay $15... Read more →

BlackBerry Announces BlackBerry Protection Plan

  We’ve all had it happen to use, you are walking down the street typing away on your BlackBerry device, when suddenly you drop your device! You slowly go to pick up your device and you find that the screen is shattered! Not a fun experience at all!  BlackBerry is here to help make sure... Read more →
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