South African Airways Releases a Native BlackBerry 10 App

  We haven’t been seeing too many big name companies show support for BlackBerry 10, but,If you’re a BlackBerry 10 user and travel via South African Airways you are in luck! South African Airways has just released a Native BlackBerry 10 app.  The new South African Airways app gives... Read more →

T-Mobile to Hold Uncarrier 5.0 Event on June 18th in LA

  Back in March of 2013, T-Mobile started on their Uncarrier event campaign. With the uncarrier movement, T-Mobile has been changing the way the wireless industry here in the states works, taking the idea of contracts and phone subsidy away.  Well March of 2013, T-Mobile has had four Uncarrier... Read more →

BBM Protected Caught on Video

  Back in Febuary, BlackBerry announced BBM Protected. BBM Protected is pretty much BlackBerry Messenger for enterprise customers.  Ever since then, we have all been waiting to hear more about BBM Protected.  Today the folks over at CrackBerry, have gotten their hands on two videos that demonstrate... Read more →

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 Updated to Version

  I know many BlackBerry users, live and breathe with BBM, however some still love to us WhatsApp on their BlackBerry device as well. Good news for them is that WhatsApp has just received a very nice update! WhatsApp has been updated to version  Now this isn’t that big of an... Read more →

Happy Mother’s Day from!

Today is a very special day for all of you Mother’s out there!  Hopefully for all of the Mother’s out there, it is a day of rest, relaxation, and family gathering.  We here at would like to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! Make sure you capture today’s moments... Read more →

iGrann Updated to Fix Photo Upload Bug

If you have been using the latest iGrann update, then you might be experiencing an issue with upload photos. Some users are experiencing an issue that won’t let them upload a photo to their Instagram account.  Don’t worry though, the developer has been quick to respond, and today has released... Read more →

New Version of BBM Pops Up in BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry today has released an updated version of BlackBerry Messenger today in Blackberry Beta Zone. So if you’re a BlackBerry Beta Zone. Now we are thinking that this update will not be available for all BlackBerry Beta Zone users, I have yet to see it appear it on my account. However those... Read more →

Register Now for Upcoming BlackBerry Experience Events

  The BlackBerry Experience Events have been pretty successful these past few months and really great experience for those who have attended. Previous events in New York, Montreal, and Toronto have all been leaving attendees very pleased.   If you have been wanting to attend one yourself, you... Read more →
BB10 Camera UI

BlackBerry 10.3 Will Bring a New Camera User Interface

  Using the camera UI has always been one of my most criticized aspect of BlackBerry 10. Don’t get me wrong its a decent camera UI, however, things like switching between the front facing camera and the back facing camera are a little difficult. If you have been checking out Michael Clewley’s... Read more →
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