DTEK for the BlackBerry Priv Gets Updated to Fix Minor Bugs

  Today BlackBerry released an update to the DTEK app for the BlackBerry Priv.  DTEK for the BlackBerry Priv has been updated to version While there is no change log given for the update, they have stated that minor bugs were fixed.  They were probably tweaking performance.  If you... Read more →

How to Use Google Now on Your BlackBerry Priv

  One of the many features that the BlackBerry Priv brings to you is the access to Google Now. Google Now is the personal assistance on Android OS.  Now Google Now is much more than just a voice search personal assistant, Google Now is a personal assistant that learns everything that it can about... Read more →
Productivity Tab

How to use the Productivity Tab on the BlackBerry Priv

  One of my favorite features on the BlackBerry Priv, is the Productivity Tab.  The Productivity Tab makes checking important things like calendar appointments and emails easy to access with the swipe of your finger.  The Productivity Tab is a floating widget pretty much that allows you to check... Read more →

T-Mobile CEO John Legere says BlackBerry is on a ‘Comeback’

  During a recent interview with CNET, the very outspoken CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere stated that BlackBerry is making a comeback.  He didn’t really go into details on to why he thinks BlackBerry is on a comeback, many might believe its because of the BlackBerry Priv.  Now if you remember... Read more →
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