BlackBerry Leap Now Available in Nigeria

  BlackBerry fans looking for a new device in Nigeria can now get their hands on the BlackBerry Leap! The BlackBerry Leap is a great BlackBerry device with an amazing 5″ HD Display, an 8MP camera, and a 25 hour battery life that will help get you through the day! This great device also has... Read more →

The BlackBerry Leap Now Available in Canada!

    We just posted about Canadian carriers showing signs that the BlackBerry Leap might be coming soon to Canada, and now it is official! The BlackBerry Leap is now available in Canada. This great affordable device can now be purchased from all of the Canadian carriers for as low as $0.00... Read more →

BlackBerry and AT&T Teaming up for Mobility Forums Events

  BlackBerry and BlackBerry CEO has been trying very hard to fix the carrier relationships they have with carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.  There is no doubt that BlackBerry wants to continue to bring their devices to AT&T and Verizon customer, as well as bring back... Read more →

WhatsApp Beta Update brings Fix For Laggy Chat Searches

  If you are a WhatsApp user and have been experiencing lag when you try to use the Chat Search feature, then you’ll love this! There is a new Beta update for WhatsApp that is suppose to be bringing a fix for the laggy chat search. The new update is available in BlackBerry Beta Zone! If you... Read more →
BBM Channels

BlackBerry Brings Target Audience to BBM Channels

  BlackBerry quietly updated BBM Channel with a new feature to it. Before with BBM Channels, you really had no options to help you drill down to the audience that you actually wanted to see your content.  For instance, if you’re a Men’s Health magazine and wanted to make sure your... Read more →
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