BBM for BlackBerry 10 Updated to Version

    Yesterday BlackBerry Messenger was updated for BlackBerry 10 users to version Now if you’re running the leaked 10.2.2 this version is already loaded up on your device. However, if you’re on the stock 10.2.1 you should be seeing or have seen an update in BlackBerry... Read more →
BlackBerry Classic

GeekBench Shows off BlackBerry Classic International Specs

The BlackBerry Classic has been quiet topic when it comes to leaks and information about it, unlike the BlackBerry Passport that hasn’t been very shy in front of the camera. We know the BlackBerry Classic is coming, however and you should be seeing it right around the same time as the BlackBerry... Read more →

BlackBerry Wins Gold in Best Biz Awards 2014 International

  Today, the BlackBerry Z30 has been named the gold winner in the Consumer Product of the Year category in Best in Biz Awards 2014 International, which is the only independent business awards program that is judged by members of the press and industry analyst. This is a pretty big award for one... Read more →

BlackBerry Messenger Now Available for Windows Phones!

  Alright Windows device users, now it is your chance to get BlackBerry Messenger on your device! That is right, BBM is now available for Windows devices running Windows 8 and higher! Now you can join the 85 million active users in all of the fun of BBM! You will still get the same privacy and... Read more →

Sprint Post First Quarter 2014 Results

  Sprint, today has announced their first quarter 2014 financial results and the results are very good!  Sprint posted a $23 million net income, which is the best that the company has done in over seven years. The company also announced that is 3G Network maintenance is largely completed and... Read more →

South African Airways Releases a Native BlackBerry 10 App

  We haven’t been seeing too many big name companies show support for BlackBerry 10, but,If you’re a BlackBerry 10 user and travel via South African Airways you are in luck! South African Airways has just released a Native BlackBerry 10 app.  The new South African Airways app gives... Read more →

T-Mobile to Hold Uncarrier 5.0 Event on June 18th in LA

  Back in March of 2013, T-Mobile started on their Uncarrier event campaign. With the uncarrier movement, T-Mobile has been changing the way the wireless industry here in the states works, taking the idea of contracts and phone subsidy away.  Well March of 2013, T-Mobile has had four Uncarrier... Read more →

BBM Protected Caught on Video

  Back in Febuary, BlackBerry announced BBM Protected. BBM Protected is pretty much BlackBerry Messenger for enterprise customers.  Ever since then, we have all been waiting to hear more about BBM Protected.  Today the folks over at CrackBerry, have gotten their hands on two videos that demonstrate... Read more →

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 Updated to Version

  I know many BlackBerry users, live and breathe with BBM, however some still love to us WhatsApp on their BlackBerry device as well. Good news for them is that WhatsApp has just received a very nice update! WhatsApp has been updated to version  Now this isn’t that big of an... Read more →
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