BES 12 Cloud Gets Support for Multiple OS Deployment

BES 12 Cloud has been around since March and has been doing very well in the Enterprise world. Today, BlackBerry has announced that BES 12 Cloud now supports multiple OS Deployment. This means that enterprise user and small business owners can now manage different devices with different OS’s including... Read more →

BlackBerry Venice Slider Demo Video Leaked!

    Today is a big news day for the BlackBerry Venice! @Evleaks has gotten his hands on a leaked Demo video of the BlackBerry Venice Slider device.  Now the video is very brief and doesn’t show off too much, but it does quickly give a you glimpse at the keyboard, the 18 MP camera, and... Read more →

Sprint is Ditching Two-Year Contracts at the End of 2015

  It looks like Sprint will be joining the likes of Verizon and T-Mobile in not offering two year contracts anymore.  Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure stated during an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the countries number four carrier will be dropping two year contracts in favor of it’s... Read more →
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