Angry Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook Leaked!

Okay so this might be a little old and I have seen it in some BlackBerry Forums for awhile but there is a way to get Angry Birds onto your BlackBerry PlayBook. Check out the video down below and also the instructions on how to get Angry Birds onto your BlackBerry PlayBook.

The only way to get this App is putting your Blackberry Playbook in development mode.
Go to Playbook settings (Swipe Down from top bezel) and scroll down to Security. Go to Development mode, turn it on, and enter a password you will surely remember.
So let’s recap.
Settings > Development Mode > On > Enter Custom Password
Now you should see a icon of a person on the top of you playbook (By wifi) click that icon and remember/write down the i.p. address (Make sure you are connected to wifi).
Go to your computer and download Java JRE.
CLICK HERE to Download
Once the Java JRE is downloaded and installed please download and install DDPB which makes it possible to add applications to your Playbook outside of App World.
CLICK HERE to Download
Both files have been scanned by me and are completely safe and free of adware/spyware/viruses.
Once the DDPB is installed please open it.
Where it says IP Development Mode enter the IP you remembered/wrote down earlier.
Under Password enter the password you choose earlier.
Now, download the Angry Birds.Bar file here:
Click Here To Download Angry Birds
In the DDPB program click ADD and find the Angry Birds.Bar file.
If it still isn’t listed click refresh. You will now see Angry Birds listed and checked. Click Install and the Application will be installed to your Playbook via Wifi and it will be available to play!

Link for Viewing on Mobile Device

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  1. Shane says:

    It worked right up to the last step. How does the program get from the desktop to the playbook via wifi? It claimed it did it but nothing appeared on the playbook. Sad :-(

  2. drethos says:

    that was already posted on crackberry, louise-keeper was the poster. he was also told to take it down via a rovio email to crackberry kevin.

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