AT&T 3G Network Upgrades Downgrade 2G Phones


Ever wonder why you get less bars on your 2G BlackBerry (all except the Bold on AT&T) then you did before? While AT&T previously used the 850 MHZ band primarily (which offers far better signal strength and better reception indoors), they have moved it over to 1900 MHZ band and started to use the 850 MHZ band for 3G in some areas.

This can leave customers who are out of their 30 day return period, without the proper signal strength they used to get. According to OFB, Customer Care is advising customers to upgrade their phone to 3G phones at the customer’s expense or to terminate their AT&T service. One Custom Care Representative did offer a one-time $200 account credit, but I highly doubt that’s a normal occurrence.

Via Open for Business

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