BlackBerry App World Update Brings Unwanted Currency Change

appworldBlackBerry App World was recently updated to version this past week.  With its new notification features you should have gotten the alert to upgrade to the latest version.  The update seems more like maintenance because I haven’t really seen any changes expect for a negative one.

After I updated I loaded the app to see if I noticed anything different.  While browsing through the featured list I noticed something wasn’t right and it was the currency.  For some reason the new update changed everybody’s currency to Euros regardless of where they lived.  I decided to do some searching on this issue and it looks like everyone else was experiencing the same problem.

Thanks to chrisy520 of the CrackBerry forums there is an easy way to fix this.  First you have to pick any app that is not free.  Then login using your PayPal credentials and once you are in the currency will automatically switch back to USD.  After that make sure you cancel your order so you don’t get charged.

This is a weird issue and you have to wonder what went wrong here.  Even though it’s pretty easy to fix we still shouldn’t have to deal with it.  It’s just another sign that BlackBerry App World has a long way to go before it can be a respected app store.


  1. Dan says:

    What if you don’t have a paypal account. How do you change the currency back to USD. It is annoying to see everything in Euros.

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