Ewww… You have a BlackBerry :(


In the short time I’ve had my BlackBerry now I have heard “ewww… You have a BlackBerry” over oh, you got a new phone.  A popular question I receive is, “Why didn’t you get an iPhone?”  The answer is really quite simple.  If I had a lame emo haircut then my hair covering my eyes would blind me from the POS the iphone really is.  “But Geoff, look at what my iPhone can do!” I don’t care… Congradulations, your phone is contributing to the demise of society.  Is it really necessary for your phone to tell you where you should eat?   If you can’t decide on your own where you’d like to eat like a normal human being then maybe you should re-evaluate your life.  The problem is for the majority of people they love shiny new things.  I’m asian, I love shiny new things.  Why do you think there are so many asian people who go to Vegas.  Cause its filled with shiny things, blinky lights, and noises that trigger excitement in our hearts.  Even though I love love love shiny things I did not fall for the iphone. Nor any mac products. As far as I’m concerned this it the greatest use of a Mac product: http://macenstein.com/default/archives/category/mac-chick-of-the-month

Anyways, I discovered that when I type Im in my phone it automatically corrected it to I’m.  That made me very happy.  It actually made my week.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Let’s all just get along. Justin, I must ask you to refrain from the vulgarities. Geoff’s posts are his experiences and his opinions. Please do not read them if they offend you.

  2. Geoff T says:

    Dear Justin, thank you for that very intelligent response to my post. I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are an emo kid. If you are I’m sorry for hating on your iPhone. If it helps you not kill yourself because you have nothing else going for you in your pathetic existence then by all means, enjoy yourself. I’m glad you are taking my opinion for fact. You probably think Michael Moore is a genius too. I found some good reading on the intraweb you might be interested in. I’m sure this guy would love to hear what you have to say too.


    Oh and BTW. I’m not hating on other phones. Just a phone.

  3. Justin K. says:

    “iPhone contributing to the demise of society” Having a blackberry doesn’t mean you have to hate on other phones. There is a place for both. Maybe one day RIM will release something that grabs more marketshare than the iphone has you stupid fuck.

  4. Troy Brown says:

    I am assuming that is why Thomas loved Vegas? I actually had a good friend have people yelling at him that he was stupid for buying the Storm and not an iPhone. When you ask these people why not to get the Storm they give a blank stare as Apple has yet to program that part of their brain yet.

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