Leaked Screenshots Show BlackBerry 6 Running on a Bold 9650

Lately there has been an abundance of speculation as to which devices will get BlackBerry 6, with no solid information being released from RIM to satisfy our questions. Speculation has pointed to the Bold 9650 getting the update, since it has 512MB of RAM, which has been confirmed thanks to screenshots of the device running the new OS.

Unfortunately, this still doesn’t answer the undying question – will the 9700 get the update? Considering it only has 256MB of RAM, it’s looking less and less likely, as 512MB seems to be the minimum requirement.

[via BBLeaks]

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  1. Black Ice says:

    So what’s the big deal about this one update? I mean it can’t be all that great if it requires that much memory. In fact it seems as though you guys are saying it eats up most of the memory required to run it I’m the first place! Or am I missing something?
    My Storm is not anything to write a novel about and yes I had to dump many 3rd party apps after hitting a wall but still it will do till somebody gets it right.

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