Microsoft Wants to Buy RIM

Electronista turned us on to some very interesting news today.  RIM’s recent drop in stock value has gotten Microsoft’s attention.  The recent plunge may give MS to try and take over RIM.  It is supposed that Microsoft has offered RIM $50 per share which RIM’s stock is getting very close to.  This begs me to speculate that Microsoft has valued RIM lower than $50 per share.  If RIM accepts MS’s rumored offer, they would instantly gain estimated 20 million BlackBerry customers on top of their 18 million.  This would definitely offer MS a very wide reach of customer base, which makes me wonder, if under Microsoft control would they ever think about integrating Windows Mobile with BlackBerry OS?  With Microsoft you can never tell, but I’m sure RIM would have nothing to do with the idea.  Let’s wait and see what happens.

via Electronista

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