Official OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available

Playbook update

Previously, we were surprised when we saw a leaked OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook come across the airwaves. BlackBerry had said that they wouldn’t be updating the BlackBerry PlayBook to BlackBerry 10. However, as many of us forgot to realize, they never said anything about keeping it somewhat updated.  Today we were shocked to see a official BlackBerry PlayBook OS update get released. PlayBook OS has been updated to version The update brings some small fixes with it, including one for Adobe Flash. The update is weighing in at 396MB so its got some more fixes in it that we don’t know about.  So grab your BlackBerry PlayBook and hit the check for update button! Let us know if you see anything new!

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  1. Andrew says:

    I don’t know if I’m just seeing things but the screen looks more vibrant to me…I could be wrong and just hoping it does though.

  2. TomF says:

    Wow….. I was strongly considering going Android. Thanks BB for the support. Now if I could only get a Netflix app , all those nasty thoughts would vanish out of my head.

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