Sprint/Nextel BlackBerry 8350i iDEN Release Confirmed

*Update: I was not okay with having a Dec. 1st or 2nd release (as I’m sure you guys weren’t either) so I contacted Sprint to get the skinny.   At first they would not tell me, but then after I asked again, they caved.  The official date of online release will be Dec. 1st!  Make sure you are all at your computers Nov. 30th at right before midnight.  I am still working on getting you guys a date for the in store release, so be patient please.  If you want to see the emails I received from Sprint, read after the link.*

I just received a tip that the release date for the BlackBerry Curve 8350i will in be Dec. 1st or 2nd for an online only release.  As we told you before the phone will release in stores before Christmas.  Our tipster who spoke to a RIM representative at the 8350i Training event tonight, told us that RIM said that part of the reason the release was pushed back from November is because the trackball was too recessed into the phone and that the problem will be fixed before the launch.  We are thinking since the rep said 1st or 2nd of Dec. that it will be a late night deal Monday night of the 1st, Tuesday of the 2nd deal.  Either way, be at your computers Dec. 1st to order yours!

Thanks for the tip Matt!

Check out a Fact Sheet and minion Matt’s swag from the Nextel 8350i Training

*The email is part of the update

Official email from Sprint:

Dear Magsaysay,

Thank you for contacting Sprint.

I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

The expected launch date of the BlackBerry Curve 8350i is December 1,
2008.  You can preregister for the updates for the handset by
registering at the below link:


Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.


Customer Service Specialist

Original Message Follows:
So there is no way that you can tell me which day it will be available
online? Because too frequently do I receive the notifications days after
the phone is already out.

——Original Message——
From: Sprint Customer Solutions
To: T money
Subject: Re: Care #20081112011140 (General Inquiry – General Inquiry)
Sent: Nov 12, 2008 12:29 AM

Dear Magsaysay,

Thank you for contacting Sprint.  I understand that you want to purchase
BlackBerry Curve 8350i handset.

You can find information on the BlackBerry Curve 8350i Smartphone and
sign up to be notified of availability at:

Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business.


Customer Service Specialist

Original Message Follows:
Name: Thomas Magsaysay
Form: Ask A Question  Learn OR Feedback and Suggestions – Learn
Topic: General Inquiry
Contact Number:
Original Question: release
Question: I was told at the BlackBerry Curve 8350i training tonight,
that the phone would be released online either Dec. 1 or Dec. 2.  Is
there anyway I can get a confirmation on which date it will actually be

Additional Data
SUB Topic : General Inquiry
Current Customer ?: No
Email Address: tmagsaysay@berryreporter.com
Zip: 92886

Thomas Magsaysay
Editor In Chief/Co-Founder

Nextel 8350i Training Swag

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  1. mEKamonkey says:

    I have 3 of these in use in our warehouse locations and I have to say they are just a bad as the 7100s, laggy OS dropped calls constant lock ups, going to have to go get 8830s and a separate phone with PTT on it for those users, save you money this unit is craptastic.

  2. PEOPLEZ says:

    Well like every one else i have been wating for months fof the 8350i. I hated my 7100i so bad i went thru 6 of theme
    till i finally gave up so now i waited for the 8350i now that dame phone is giving problems i only had it for not even 24hrs. It’s so bad when i had my 7100i. I new every step sprint will go thru with me now this is having mms problem now sprint is tell me the same bullshit that a had problems before with my old phone.now telling o u have to masterreset type six 000000 and etc. For a new phone i should not even have to take the battery out every night for my mms to work properly telling me i have to wait 2 weeks for they could solve the problem it’s a new phone should even be on the market if the phone have issues. U KNOW WHAT NEXT TIME I WILL JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH VERIZON THEY HAVE BETTER PHONES AND SERVICE ANY WAY

  3. A week ago, I went to Sprint and got the Blackberry 8330. Sprint’s 3G network is blazingly fast. Then I saw a colleague with a Blackberry 8350i, so I went back to Sprint and exchanged the 8330 for the 8350i—since my job requires me to also have a walkie-talkie.
    The Sprint salesperson did point out that the 8350i runs on the Nextel radio network, but failed to make it clear that Nextel’s network is slow and nowhere near Sprint’s 3G network. The store only had two 8350i’s and I was lucky enough to get one before they were put out as display models.
    Now I’m stuck with the 8350i (since Sprint would only allow one return/exchange with 30 days of purchase) which takes 2, 3 or 4 times longer than the 8330 to open a website. Watching Youtube.com is a joke as Nextel’s network is rather slow.
    If you love to surf the ‘net, don’t get the 8350i and stick with Sprint’s 8330 or other 8000 models running on the 3G network. But if you use the walkie-talkie more than you surf the ‘net, then get the 8350i.
    I know I cannot have everything in one phone such as the 8350i. But considering that I have to now carry only one phone instead of three (and capable of using the 16gig MicroSD compared to the 8330’s 2 gig capacity) —more than outweighs the shortcomings of the 8350i running on Nextel’s network.
    Overall, I’m still happy with the 8350i. I only wished that Nextel runs on the 3G network.

  4. Keith says:

    I have the Nextel 8350i, and it is by far the BEST nextel out there. I have had the 8330 Curver from sprint and hands down the 8350i is the last phone i will ever need to buy!!!!! call me if you need to know anything about it at (704) 902-5825 or text!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thomas says:

    Right on Raymond! Every so often Best Buy will have a noob and they will mess up by selling a phone for cheaper than they are suppose to without the fee for no activation. In your case cheap and a phone they supposedly don’t even have lol. Good for you.

  6. raymond says:

    someobody messed up on monday night at best buy, because they had them in the box and i was sold one for 149.99 getting the phone without having to mail in rebate. next day someone i know was told they dont even have the phone, so i canceled my online order

  7. John says:

    Matt. you call *611 from your nextel phone. And ask to order the new Nextel 8350I. Thats what I did. By the way i got ripped on the price.. It should be 149.99. Thought i was getting a deal at 199.99.. I’ll have to call them to get that fixed.. Anycase I just checked my tracking number. OUT FOR DELIVERY!!!! YES !! IT will be here anytime now!!! :) 😉

  8. Matt says:

    How did you order this phone as of 1 hour ago I was given a website to go to to be placed on a waiting list??

  9. fred says:

    Well. I guess it’s finally here. Is everyone done complaining? Jeeze. This post shows that misery loves company!

  10. ksk says:

    well its finally here

  11. Meghan says:

    I;ve had my blackberry in my hand since about noon. Its looks pretty sleek. And so far i like it.

  12. raymond says:

    does the 8350i get sprint tv

  13. John says:

    I just ordered the 8350I About 10 mins ago. It will be at my front door in 3 to 5 days!! Cant wait!! If you want the phone right now!! call #611 and place your order. If you want to get it at a store. You will have to wait intill 1/11/09. PS.. Make sure they dont try to sell you the thing for 439.99 Like me.. I got it for 199.99 after I told them I would cancle my service!! :) Ill let ya all know in a few days how good it is.. 😉

  14. ksk says:

    I think thats bullshit too. Sprint is not going to make it out of these cellphone wars. The way sprint is ran, its like a company thats about to sale. They just want top dollar for there company.

  15. raymond says:


  16. Troy Dot Com says:

    Yes!!! Sprint emailed me the tracking number for my new nextel blackberry!! It is 1.5 hours from my house as we speak. What is wierd is that the new phone still doesn’t show up on Sprint’s site to order…but the stores can.

  17. Thomas says:

    You would be surprised. Nobody in that company has the same story, not even execs.

  18. Jeff says:

    I just called Sprint Customer Service & they said the release is still set for 12/15. I don’t understand how everyone can get a different answer from Sprint regarding the release. I was told to call back, they are not taking pre-orders. Not sure how some people were able to pre-order. I think they better start treating their customers right or they will be losing a lot of them. I can’t believe the Sprint employees were not given a definate date of the release so they can tell their customers instead of just letting them down time after time. So I will wait until Monday & see what happens.

  19. raymond says:

    i just spoke on webchat to sprint, the person i chatted with said it was pushed back to 1/11/09

  20. ksk says:

    I wondered about that also. and will it be able to record the conversation of what both people are saying .

  21. Jason says:

    Does anyone know if it will have the capability of two lines on it?

  22. Troy Dot Com says:

    They will let you pre-order as of today. It actually shows up in their system. Just ordered mine.

  23. jared says:

    the 8350i is available to order on dec 15th they have pushed the date back about 4 times but it is a definate that it will be available on the 15th if you have any ??s you can email me jsiegfried@fastpageradio.com.

  24. ksk says:

    I heard the 15th lets see.

  25. Thomas says:

    I’m starting to think that Sprint won’t give anyone one answer. Lets just all hope it is the 15th.

  26. rafael says:

    i talked to a representative today and i was told that the release date is on the 15th on line and the 17th in store.

  27. joshua says:

    Has anyone heard if it is coming on the 15th of Dec. or Jan. 10th?

  28. I emailed Sprint a few days ago and have yet to receive a reply. I’m still working on some stuff, but our site was down from some people all day yesterday (including me) so I could not access emails my admin pages or anything.

  29. firemike says:

    I called Sprints help line and after about 8 transfers (I asked a technical question about my current phone) I talked to a guy name Rick. Rick told me he has been working for Sprint for about a year and knew a little bit about the 8350i phone. First off he said he got to hold the 8350i for about 5 seconds during a big corporate meeting. He said the meeting was quit transparent. It was organized to boost morale for the Nextel guys in the office and shop. In the meeting they (Sprint executives) claimed that Sprint would be rolling out a working model of the 8350i before the end of August. Since that meeting only his boss’s boss got a 8350i. Rick said he keeps it in a locked draw in his office and it has become kind of a office joke. Since Sprint can’t get any more 8350i the technical support guys have been training on a computer simulated model. The other day Rick got an inter office memo demanding that there will be no more jokes about the 8350i release date. The joke the memo said were “in poor taste”. Well there you go fokes, Sprint has lied to us again. Maybe there will be phones available by 12/15/08 but probably not. For all those who doubt me – I remember months before the instinct came out Sprint had posters, fliers, and plastic mock up models – DO YOU REMEMBER? I haven’t seen any fliers or mock ups of the 8350i, I wonder why? Nextel is like the chairs on the Titanic, there slowly going under.

  30. kathy says:

    I agree. I felt like I was THE most dedicated nextel user, (I’m sure so did alot of others), but really, I am getting sooo discouraged. Seriously thinking about changing companies. Almost willing to give up the ptt.

  31. ksk says:

    Where are the old nextel bosses,they knew what they where doing to be competitive. Sprint has really trashed nextel.Sprint is no longer leading in anything. Sprint comes in last in customer service,phones, prices on phones and plans,contract negotiating and renewing ,one more thing and im gone.I only hold on to nextel because of direct connect,and the loud speaker, but sometimes it seems like thats not enough .

  32. tom says:

    Now it jan 10th 2009

  33. I gotcha Fred. Verizon has some issues as well as every other carrier.

  34. fred says:

    I was actually talking about promotional rates. It doesn’t matter, they just want you in the door, then when the promotion ends you get slammed. Everyone learns their game at some time or another.

  35. Actually if Verizon does change their rates if you are under contract and you are directly effected, that is breach of contract and you are able to get out cancellation fee free.

  36. fred says:

    Everyone calm down. It’s just a phone. It will be out before you know it. Yea. Go to Verizon and fall right into their trap/game. They promise you the world for free or a reduced rate. In 6mos to 1 year they will then rip you a new one when they triple their price! Then your stuck with them for another 1.5 years. Good choice people.

  37. ksk says:

    I am tired of waiting also ,they have let us down again, this is why customers leave sprint. I am going to verizon while they still have the unlimited plan,which they have already said is for a limited time with them .

  38. Doug Paquin says:

    yes it has a 2MP camera

  39. Albert says:

    can some one tell me if it has camera.

  40. EnVmE says:

    Well its whateva.. I’m tired of waiting for this phone to come out.. The date has been pushed back like 5 times and still we can’t get a for sure date of release. I spoke to a rep for sprint @ 12am and I was told that I have to wait til the 15th of dec. I’m assuming its not going to be on that day when I call them… I have no more patience left.. They built up hype to dissappoint us. How should we get them back? Cancel my contact and stay with boost.. Thinking of signing up with verizon.. Fuck a sprint.. We have better phones out there then a slow ass nextel curve.. Imma leave the .9G speed for a 3G phone.. This is ridiculious!

  41. kathy says:

    I spoke with nextel tonight 11/30 at about 10pm cst. and they told me,Dec. 15 and also said they would personally call me to let me know…i find it difficult to believe anything.
    Its now 1:20am cst. and I cant find anything, was still hoping for the Dec 1 release or at least the ability to order one. Oh well, par for Sprint to let its faithful customers down once again.

  42. lisa Canavan says:

    I spoke to a couple different people with Nextel today…the first being the salesman at my local store I have worked with for years and he said they got a memo the launch date has been pushed back to 12/17/08. So then I called Nextel and after trying to get me to purchase another phone the woman finally told me that her info was 12/30/08. So…not sure if I am setting my alarm for midnight tonight but I will check if I happen to wake up. What a way to build hype thought right?

  43. Nexgencom says:

    Good luck. Release moved to Q1 2009 due to problems. Ha ha ha

  44. anthony says:

    I heard that the blackberry 8350i won’t be out until dec 15 2008 is this true.

  45. camo says:

    I will be one to purchase. I cannot stand the 7100i. I keep dropping mine with the hope that it will die. I’d prefer verizon or at&t but if the company is paying for it, I’ll settle for nextel.

  46. Sam says:

    After Dec. 1st, where can i go to purchase one? Online link?

  47. Tritan says:

    I will be at my computer on Nov 30th.

  48. DavidB says:

    One has to wonder if there are any “Nextel” customers left to buy this? Nice as it is, it’s about a year late. So many of us on Nextel left long ago when Sprint/RIM left us for so long with no choice but the laggard 7100i.

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