Super BlackBerry in Development?

Today BGR got wind of some new BlackBerries in development!  So rumor has it that RIM is in early development of a super BlackBerry.  This device will supposedly blow the doors off of any BlackBerry out right now!  Very exciting news beacuse I honestly thought that RIM would wait at least 6 months or so to even leak real info on new projects, but I guess I was wrong.  They are also in development of two more Storms, version 2 and version 3!  This is out of control!  Slow down RIM, there is already enough news to keep up with haha.  Back to the super BlackBerry, it is rumored to boast a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera, 1GB of RAM , and a “near-HD quality” screen.  Whoa. The End.

via Boy Genius Report we bow to you.

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  1. rsnewnam says:

    when is rim going to stop lying and the release bold in u.s. Writ with iPhone bb lover

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