Tip of the Day #9 – 3/17/09


Level: Beginner

Tip of the Day #9 How to turn Mass Storage Mode On and Off – This may not be very useful to a lot of you, but if you use expanded memory and you are a beginner, this may help you.  So, say you are at your computer and you need to charge your phone but you want to be able to access stuff from your memory card using your phone. Well when you plug in to your USB cable, it may ask if you want to turn Mass Storage Mode on or off.  If you are like me, you tell it yes and not to ask you again.  If Mass Storage Mode is on then you cannot access anything from your memory card with your phone as long as it is connected to your computer.  So now you need to turn it off, and here is how:

Step 1. Go into your Options and go to Memory.

Step 2. Next scroll down to Mass Storage Mode Support and switch is to on or off, which every you need it on.

In this section, you can also see how much free memory you have for apps, device memory, and memory card.


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  1. Malk says:

    Hello, I need help plz.
    I just bought BB Torch and I wanna upload music, pic, n’ other stuff but every time I’m trying to do that, it does not happen because
    “Built-in Media and Media Card Storage are not available because Mass Storage Mode is currently in use”
    How can I turn off the mass storage mode for BB TORCH?
    (in the storage option, we don’t have the mass storage mode at all- it’s not similar to any devise So, it does work different way than the other)
    and how can I download any thing to the memory card(4G)?

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