Verizon Set to Launch the BlackBerry Storm 2 on October 28th?


We recently mentioned rumors that Verizon was planning to release the BlackBerry Storm 2 on October 28th.  Now we have more evidence that shows this could really happen and we may see the Storm 2 before the end of October after all.

Two brave tipsters from CrackBerry have leaked two pieces of information that strongly point to the 28th.  First is an update from the internal Verizon Wireless device blog.  On the leaked picture you can see in two places where they mention the updated launch date.  This is always a good sign as they keep this blog confidential to only its employees.

There is also a new pdf document that is loaded with BlackBerry Storm 2 info.  On the first page of the document you can see that they also mention October 28th as the launch date.  Keep something in mind here they didn’t mention that it will be available that day so we still don’t know when we can actually get our hands on it.

Download the BlackBerry Storm 2 pdf Document


  1. warren says:

    Man I am so sick of the anticipation I just want an actual release date!

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