BBM Enterprise Update for iOS is now Live

    If you are on an iOS device and have been waiting to use BBM Enterprise, you will be happy to know that there is a new app update waiting for you. This new iOS app update for BBM Enterprise will allow users on iOS to buy Individual BBM Enterprise Subscriptions for Personal use. This is... Read more →

The Berry Report Podcast Episode 84- Long Live BBM

  The Berry Report Podcast is back with another exciting episode! This week we have a pretty jammed-pack episode as we discuss the current news surrounding BBM and BBM Enterprise. This week I am joined by Roy from BerryIL, UTB Brad and Dave UTB Blogs, and Aaron from This Just In! I will apologize... Read more →

Come Check out the Berry Report Podcast Tonight at 10:30 PM EST

  It has been a pretty crazy news week in the world of BlackBerry so I think it is time we recorded an episode of the Berry Report Podcast! I will be recording the episode live on Youtube starting at 10:30 PM EST!  I will be joined by Roy from BerryIL and UTB Brad. The big topic for tonight will... Read more →

BBM is Not Dead!

  Yesterday was a pretty crazy day if you were are a BBM user. Emtek, the company who BlackBerry Licensed BBM out to back in 2016, announced that they will be shutting down the consumer verison of BBM starting on May 31st. This left BBM users from all over the world very sad and worried that they... Read more →

How to Add Multiple Devices to Your BBM Enterprise Account

  BBMe or BBM Enterprise is now available to all users due to Emtek Announcing the end of BBM Services. Ever since I was able to download and sign up for BBMe I have been digging around trying to find neat features.  Probably the biggest feature that I have found is the ability to sign into the... Read more →

How to Create a Passcode in BBM Enterprise

  BBM Enterprise is now officially available for consumers to switch over to with the recent announcement of Emtek ending BBM Consumer Support. The great thing about BBM Enterprise is that it provides user enterprise-grade end-to-end encrypted messages on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. One cool... Read more →

How to Sign up for BBM Enterprise on Android

  By now you have heard the news that Emtek is ending BBM Consumer Service on May 31st. Along with that announcement, BlackBerry also announced that users can now sign up for the end-to-end encryption BBM Enterprise! This is really great news for anyone looking to still chat with friends via BBM.... Read more →
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