A $600 and $300 BlackBerry Device Coming in the Next Few Months from the Optiemus Group According to Forbes Article

We love BlackBerry device rumors in the BlackBerry community, but the rumor mill has been somewhat dry lately. Well, that is until I came across this Forbes Article from Thursday has a few potential rumors in it.

The article states that there are two devices coming from the Optiemus Group. Now if you remember, the Optiemus Group is the company in India who also has a licensing agreement with BlackBerry. Well, it looks like they are getting ready to launch a device under $600, and a device in the $300 price range. Both devices are suppose to be focused on Enterprise customers, selling via retail chains before going to other vendors.

Some may be asking, why sell a $300 device? Well keep in mind these devices are probably going to be just for India and probably won’t see any shelf time in the UK or North America. In India, mid-range priced devices actually sell a lot better than the high-end devices do.  Also, just because it’s a $300 device doesn’t mean it will be a bad device. We have seen how BlackBerry has been able to optimize Android 7.1 on the BlackBerry KEYone to give some great performance out of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor.  They could be working on a way to get just as good performance out of an even lower processor. Plus if you want the better device, and a device priced under $600 comes to market, you have a better device to choose from.

We still don’t know of any names for these device or have any photo proof of them but I am sure we will see something, especially if they are slated to come out in the next few months.  Stay tuned!

Source: Forbes

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