A Conversation with OnwardMobility CEO Peter Franklin


Yesterday was a pretty exciting day in the world of BlackBerry, as BlackBerry announced a new partnership with OnwardMobility and FIH that will bring a 5G BlackBerry Keyboard to market in 2021.

One of the biggest questions since the announcement is, who is OnwardMobility and what the heck do they know about BlackBerry devices? Well to help get to the bottom of some of these questions, I sat down and talked to the CEO of OnwardMobility, Peter Franklin.

OnwardMobility is US based company out of Austin Texas and is runned by a bunch of BlackBerry users and lovers. When I asked Peter about his favorite BlackBerry, he quickly stated that the BlackBerry 9900 was by far his favorite BlackBerry Device.

“I loved the keyboard on that device, the feel of the keyboard was just great,” states Peter Franklin.

So, why is OnwardMobility getting into the BlackBerry business? They have a desire to bring a user-friendly enterprise device that helps keeps users secure, lets them stay productivity throughout there day while keeping their information private. While the big driving factor is the Enterprise market, OnwardMobility is very aware that they need to make sure this device is as much consumer focused as it is Enterprise. They are focused on making the device a top of the line flagship device that is priced competitively.

” We want to make a device that users want to use each and every day. A device that brings a great camera and battery. Being successful in the enterprise market means being successful in the consumer market.” states Peter Franklin


To me, hearing this brings a lot of faith in OnWardMobility. One of the biggest issues with BlackBerry devices in the past has been that the consumer aspect of the device kind of lacked in attempts to make the Enterprise aspect look better.¬† Enterprise is BlackBerry’s bread-and-butter. It is where the brand started and it is important for them to focus on it. However, more and more users in the Enterprise market, are also using their smartphone in a consumer way as well. Whether it is taking work photos or even photos of their family.

With the OnWardMobility team being big fans of the BlackBerry brand, that makes them also big fans of the keyboard. As stated in the press release, this upcoming BlackBerry device will be sure to have a keyboard on it.

“Our team loves physical keyboards. We want to put a lot of focus on the quality of the keyboard. We want to make sure the keyboard feels great in your hand and there is great tactillity. We want the keyboard to tell a great keyboard story.” Peter Franklin.


Making sure the device is focused towards both Enterprise and Consumer markets means making sure that people knows the device exists. We all know that BlackBerry devices have never had much marketing efforts behind them and Onwardmobility is well aware of this. Marketing has been a Day 1 focus. The have a detailed plan that will make sure they focus on the weight of the brand. Onwarmobility is ready to do whatever it takes to make sure this device is marketed correctly.

Being a security focused device doesn’t really do much if the software on the device isn’t up to date. If you are a BlackBerry KEYone/KEY2/Motion/KEY2 LE owner than you probably know the struggle with being stuck on Android 8.0 Oreo. If this future device is only going to get software updates for certain time, than the device is not very appealing to anyone.

“Software updates are critical to security and it is a top of the mind item that we are focusing heavily on.” Peter Franklin¬†

Speaking with Peter Franklin today really made me feel excited for not only this future device but other devices that might come down the line. OnwardMobility seems to be very dedicated to making sure this future BlackBerry device is successful in every way that it needs. They have the right focus on every aspect of what made BlackBerry devices failed in the past. The are excited to bring a secure device, that is 5G ready, and becomes the best productivity device for users to use.¬† The future of BlackBerry seems to be secure in the hands of OnwardMobility and I can’t wait to see what they will be bringing!



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