Add To Contact 2 – Deal of The Day

Every Blackberry user knows the situation: you have received a call or message from somebody who already have a record in your Address Book but from another phone number (i.e. you have a Work number of caller but he called from Mobile or Home). AddToContact gives you a very simple way to add a new phone number, E-Mail or PIN address to existing contacts with 3 easy steps:

1. Select a call log entry, SMS, E-Mail or PIN message from which you want to add info.
2. Press the Menu key, select ‘Add To Existing Contact’ item.
3. Select a contact from list to which you want add info. If you adding a phone number you may be prompted to select phone number type (i.e. Work, Home, Mobile) depending on application’s settings.

With AddToContact you may leave behind using copy/paste to add new numbers!


  • Add phone numbers from call log entries
  • Add phone numbers from SMS messages
  • Add E-Mail addresses from E-Mails
  • Add PINs from PIN messages
  • Ability to select a phone number type on adding or just use the first one
  • Replace already existing phone numbers
  • Phone number formatting
  • Add phone numbers or E-Mail addresses from any web page opened in browser
  • Add phone numbers or E-Mail addresses from body of any SMS, E-Mail or PIN message
  • Add E-mail addresses from E-mail’s CC and BCC fields
  • Add phone numbers to existing or new contact just after incoming call finished
  • Very easy and quick
Price: $2.95
Special Price: $1.47
You save: $1.48 (50%)
Delivery: Download (OTA Available)

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