Author Types his First Novel Using his BlackBerry PlayBook


I use my BlackBerry PlayBook on a daily basis to check and respond to emails, to write or edit posts for the site and much more.  However none of that compares to writing a novel on my BlackBerry PlayBook. One person by the name C. S. Brandon Moore, has done just that! He wrote his first novel using just his BlackBerry PlayBook! This is the first time I have heard this. I have heard of folks writing books right from their BlackBerry device, but not from the BlackBerry PlayBook!  The novel is called Adam Time’s Immortal File (A Tale Of Two Immortals)  and from the book’s description, it sounds like a great read!

From the Amazon description:

Adam Time is an immortal with the ability to control time. He is on a mission to locate other individuals with special talents. Along the way he finds a set of twins with a supernatural bond, a man who can change into a massive man-bear hybrid, an angel, and a dragon. Shortly after discovering these individuals he realizes he has personally set the world off balance and must right it quickly.


I will be sure to grab the book for myself, and if you would like to help support a fellow BlackBerry user click the link below to check out and buy his book!  If you pick it up, tell us what you think of it! Also let us know what the most impressive thing you have done on either your BlackBerry PlayBook or BlackBerry device!


Purchase Adam Time’s Immortal File (A Tale Of Two Immortals)


Source: CrackBerry

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  1. Andrew says:

    Pretty Impressive…wonder if he used the official blackberry bluetooth keyboard or had a hipstreet one like me…haha

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