On location with BlackBerry Bold on Tour

This is the first weekend of RIM’s BlackBerry Bold on Tour, so I stopped by New York’s South Street Seaport to sample the Boldacious action. The concept of BlackBerry Bold on Tour is to give the public hands-on time with the Verizon 9650. There are demo units to play with, along with displays... Read more →

BlackBerry follows coffee shower with rice bath

Warning, this post contains stuff which will almost certainly void your warranty if you repeat it.  If you like that kind of thing, read on! This morning was a minor disaster. My BlackBerry Bold 9000 seemed damp to the touch as I threw it in my pocket, I thought nothing of it since I had just washed... Read more →

Dexim P-Flip and MHub Dock for BlackBerry

(Mobile View) We haven’t covered the CES iLounge in great detail because it was designed primarily to showcase iPhone and iPod accessories.  But…one company I did notice toting some trick BlackBerry products in the iLounge was Dexim.  In particular their P-Flip is a sweet portable charger... Read more →

CES 2010: Case-Mate Booth and Products Tour

(Mobile View) Earlier this week I had the opportunity to get a guided tour of Case-Mate’s product range at CES.  A a self-proclaimed skeptic of cases in almost every BerryReport podcast episode, I thought it was about time for me gave cases a chance.  So here, in all its HD glory, is the guided... Read more →

CES 2010: BlackBerry Booth Highlights

The BlackBerry scene is well represented at CES this year with a fully featured RIM booth and plenty of accessories from third party vendors.  RIM did make one product announcement in the form of the BlackBerry Presenter and the rest of the product line-up was of course on show at their booth. The BlackBerry... Read more →

RIM, Apple Winning in 2009; Windows Phone Suffers

The recently published ComScore stats give RIM good reason to celebrate this holiday season, and tell an interesting story about the US smartphone market overall. These stats show two clear winners this year in the form of RIM and Apple, while the company losing out was Microsoft which experienced a... Read more →

Sennheiser MM450 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Hands-On

At yesterday’s CES 2010 preview in New York, I got some hands-on time with Sennheiser’s premium MM450 headset.  This pair of ultra-light foldable cans support music streaming, remote control over playback and call management, as long as your device supports A2DP and AVRCP. My initial impressions... Read more →

Review: Sony DR-BT50 Bluetooth Headset

Sony DR-BT50 The availability of stereo Bluetooth headsets has been steadily increasing this year, helping to bring prices down. In particular at the top end last month’s arrival of Nokia’s noise-canceling flagship set, the BH-905, has led to significant drops in other premium closed-back... Read more →
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