BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming to Verizon in September?

Another rumor that is big news, is the Storm 2 that may be hitting Verizon in September.  Less than a year goes by and we may already have a better Storm, not only with a functioning OS (I would assume) but with a few other features that Verizon has been yearning for.  How does a better touch screen... Read more →

BlackBerry Magnum, Onyx, and Driftwood Rumors

Any of these code names ring a bell?  Well maybethe Onyx and the Magnum.  Remember way back when, we got wind of the Magnum being a Bold like device with a touch screen?  What about the Onyx, we mentioned it only once, but it was supposedly a 3G flip.  Well now we have the Driftwood and the rumors... Read more →

Tip of the Day #20 – 4/6/09

I first want to apologize for being MIA for the last 5 days.  I got really busy at the end of the week and was out of town for the weekend, so I had no time to keep you updated or even give you tips.  I am back though, and ready to inform you guys. Level: Beginner, but everyone should do this! Tip... Read more →

Skype Coming to BlackBerry in May

Skype announced today at CTIA that they will launch a “thin” version of Skype for BlackBerry very soon.  Beta versions will be launched for the Bold and Curves in May.  This is accurate to our post a couple days ago about the May launch. To read the full press release continue on after... Read more →

PrimeTime2Go Will Bring TV to Bold and 8900 Soon

So, the mobile TV world is starting to gear up, and it looks like PrimeTime2Go will be one of the first to come to BlackBerries.  With all the MobiTV’s and the SlingPlayers, the world of watching TV on your BlackBerry continues to progress.  Now QuickPlay Media plans to launch PrimeTime 2Go... Read more →

LIVESTRONG.COM Launches Calorie Tracker for BlackBerry

LIVESTRONG.COM emailed me today to let me know that they launched a new BlackBerry app.  LIVESTRONG.COM, the web’s definitive health and fitness resource, is announcing a new Calorie Tracker application for BlackBerry®. Following the incredible success of the Calorie Tracker application for iPhone,... Read more →

FMyLife Updated to v.0.60

Okay, I don’t know where I have been, but this is the first I have even heard of this website.  FMyLife is a site where people post stories about themselves usually with embarrassing stories.  It is a brilliant idea, because why wouldn’t you want to read about other people’s lives? ... Read more →

Tip of the Day #19 – 4/1/09

This tip is just for BlackBerry users with Pearl 81xx’s, Curve 83xx’s, and 88xx’s. Level: Intermediate (if you aren’t comfortable with replacing parts.) Tip of the Day #19 – How to replace your trackball – Everyone’s trackball will get to the point where getting... Read more →

BlackBerry App World is Now Live!!!

This has come on the predicted date, and it isn’t even an April Fools prank!  If you do not have App World yet, get it!!! It is awesome, so far from my browsing, it is super easy to use and not even that big of a file.  RIM did a very good job of keeping this under wraps and not getting anything... Read more →

Slacker Adds Lyrics to Radio Plus

Slacker Radio Plus is a very popular option for a streaming online radio because it allows you to have unlimited song skips, and let’s face it, I skip through like 50 songs before I find one I want to hear.  Well now Slacker has added another cool feature; lyrics.  Yes, who likes to hear some... Read more →
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