BBM Desktop Now Available to BBM Beta Users on Android


BBM users have always been dying for a way to use BBM on their favorite desktop computer.  Ever since they got a taste of being able to stay in contact with their BBM contacts using BlackBerry Blend, giving

We have always heard rumors about there being a BBM standalone desktop client floating around the BlackBerry headquarters but it has really never been seen in public.  BlackBerry Blend was the closest thing we have seen to it but we know that it still wasn’t it.  If you are a BBM Enterprise user, you know that there is a BBM Enterprise desktop client that is being used to this day, but you need to be a BBM Enterprise user to take advantage of it.

Well, it looks like we are finally getting what we have always wanted. In the latest Beta update of BBM for Android, there is now the option to use BBM on a desktop via a web browser.  Now the feature is in very early stages of beta testing, but so far it has been working really well.  If you are a BBM Beta user, simply hit the ‘Me’ Tab and you will see the BBM Desktop Icon, select that and follow the steps on the screen.

Once you have done so, you will be able to answer your BBM contacts right from your web browser.

I have noticed that it does not work with Internet Explorer, so if you use that browser, you won’t be able to take advantage of BBM Desktop as of right now.


Again keep in mind that BBM Desktop is in Beta so if you see any issues, select the send feedback button to let them know.

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