BBM for Consumers is Now In the Cloud


As you all know I am a pretty big fan of BBM!  BBM is my primary way of communicating with friends, family, fellow BlackBerry lovers, and fans of the site. Heck, my girlfriend even uses BBM because she knows it is my favorite way of communicating (She’s a keeper!).  Ever since I started using BBM back in the early days,  I was hooked. Seeing the D when my message was delivered and the R when it was read, was such a great feature to me.

One of the most exciting things right now, to me, about BBM is all the changes that BBM is starting to go through.  Over the past few years, we have been seeing a ton of great new features make its way to BBM. Things like BBM going cross-platform, BBMoji’s, BBM Desktop, Social Feeds and so much more.  These new features have really been improving the overall user experience for BBM for me and other BBM users.

One of the biggest and most exciting changes, in my opinion, is a change to BBM you can not actually see.   Over the past year, the folks over at BBMtek have been moving the BBM Consumer information from BlackBerry’s servers in Canada to a Cloud-based infrastructure. Why is this important? Moving consumer BBM to a cloud-based infrastructure means better performance for BBM. Every feature inside BBM now should be functioning much better. One of the best ways to see this in action is by actually using BBM Voice and BBM Video Chat. BBM Voice and Video calls didn’t work very well in the past and as much as I loved the concept they were features I tried to avoid using. If you have made a BBM Video or a BBM Voice chat recently, however, you might have noticed a pretty clear and issue-free call.  I have always tried to use BBM Voice over making standard phone calls but the quality of the call was never dependable.  Today, I made a voice call with one of the BBM Developers and didn’t have an issue with it.  The BBM Voice call was even made over a Mobile network and was crystal clear with zero latency!  After hanging up the call, I was pretty shocked at how well the call went and was very impressed with the improvements.

Another area you should see the improvements in is BBM one-on-one Chats and Group Chats. BBM Chats and BBM Group Chats should now also be working a lot better, as we mentioned this week.  You shouldn’t see a delay in messages being sent/received with you and other users. Pictures and files should also transfer a lot better now, given that you have the proper network connection. Thanks to BBM being in the cloud, BBM users can now send and receive videos in Group chats, which probably couldn’t have been done with the old infrastructure.

I am sure many of you are wondering what this means for the security of BBM.  The security backbone of BBM is still as strong as it was while BBM was under BlackBerry’s full control. Users do not have to worry about security being risked.

The BBM team has been hard at work making this transition and it has been officially completed with BBM now being at 100% transferred over.  Their hard work has really paid off and the result can be seen as long as you are looking for them! Now with BBM fully transition to a cloud-based infrastructure, BBM can start getting even better than it ever has been! BBM users can expect new and exciting

Have you noticed BBM has been working better? Let us know in the comments below!

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