BBM No Longer Allowing Switching from Android to BlackBerry 10 Devices


Do you frequently switch between a BlackBerry Android device and a BlackBerry 10 device? Well it looks like switching just became a little more difficult for those that do.  It seems there is an issue with switching your BBM account back to a BlackBerry 10 device when coming from a BlackBerry Android device.  Doing so gives you a temporary server error when doing so. I discovered this earlier today when trying to switch back to my BlackBerry Classic.

I reached out to the BBM Product Manager at BlackBerry and they confirmed that they are no longer allowing switching your BBM Account back to a BlackBerry 10 device once it has been switch to BBM for Android.   Users switching their BBM accounts from BlackBerry 10 to BBM for Android can use the same account but can no longer go back with that account to BlackBerry 10.  If you are switching between BBM for Android to another Android device you have nothing to worry about.  Also BBM Enterprise seems to be unaffected by this.

This is a very upsetting issue for those who like to go back and forth to BlackBerry 10 devices and use the same BBM account.  If you want to use a BlackBerry 10 device with BBM you now need to create a new BBM account to use with that device.  The issue there is that with BlackBerry 10, the only way to remove your BlackBerry ID from a BlackBerry 10 device is to wipe the device and add a new BlackBerry ID.  The setback to that? You now have to purchase any apps that you use on BlackBerry 10 that you previously purchased.  Not the greatest situation if you ask me.

Hopefully enough people will have an issue with this an voice their complaints to BBM to get them to change their minds.

Are you having an issue when switch your BBM account back to a BlackBerry 10 device? Let me know in the comments below!

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