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If you have been reading over the past half year, or even over the past year,  you have probably have been noticing a ton of a BlackBerry KEYone, BlackBerry Android,  and BlackBerry Security coverage.   If you are still a fan of BlackBerry 10 though, you are probably feeling a little left out.  Now, I will admit, I love my BlackBerry KEYone, and Android powered by BlackBerry has really grown on me.  However, I still love and miss BlackBerry 10.  Everyday I carry My BlackBerry KEYone with me,  I also have a BlackBerry 10 device on me as well.  Still active with a SIM card in it and everything.  There is just something about the fluidness of the OS and the way I can get things done quicker with BlackBerry 10 than any other operating systems.  I know there are a lot of you out there who still love BlackBerry 10, and even some who have yet to give up on the OS at all.

This got me thinking, we need to step up the BlackBerry 10 on! Now BlackBerry 10 is currently in maintenance mode, as I like to call it and it will probably stay there. However, there are still people using as stated before, and there are still developers developing for it and supporting apps for BlackBerry 10.

So I am committing to bringing more BlackBerry 10 coverage back to until no one is using it!  If you are still using BlackBerry 10 let us know, we want to share why you are still using BlackBerry 10.  If you are a developer who still develops apps for BlackBerry 10 let us know as well. We want to share your app and tell people about it.  Let’s show some love for BlackBerry 1o!

Are you still developing apps for BlackBerry 10? Send me an email and I will help review that app for you!!

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