BerryWeather 2.1 Moves to Public Beta

The fine folks at Bellshare are constantly working to improve the popular BerryWeather application.  They recently released BerryWeather 2.0 and it came with a slew of new features and upgrades.  As soon as that version was released they started working on version 2.1 and now Bellshare wants your feedback on it.

BerryWeather 2.1 has moved into public beta and it includes some significant bug fixes and features.  Update speeds are faster than ever and this version promises to use less of your much needed memory.  It is important to note that BerryWeather 2.1 uses a new storage format so if you are upgrading from a previous version you should uninstall before installing beta version 2.1.  Getting your hands on a copy of BerryWeather 2.1 is easy.  Just head to the store and pick up version 2.0 if don’t have already have it.  Then head over to the official BerryWeather forum to find all the details and download links.

BerryWeather 2.1 features:

  • Complete rework of the core. BerryWeather will now fully close the UI when sent to background. The homescreen wallpaper and icon will keep updating. Unloading the UI should save a lot of memory and avoid many potential memory leaks.
  • Major rework of internal data storage. Only basic location data will be persisted across reboots. Other data is automatically reloaded approx 60s after reboot or when BerryWeather UI is opened
  • Using new server protocol to improve update speeds and minimze CPU load
  • Changed forecast/advisory update settings. New option ‘With Forecats’ for advisory will update advisories whenever forecasts are updated, ‘Never’ will never update advisories
  • Added data+settings backup to memory card
  • Added support for setting the icon size on homescreen walllpaper
  • Added support for blacking out the settings screen (on by default)
  • Added support for selecting whether to show radar/webcam links in internal viewer or browser (allows adding mp3/video/hrml links)
  • Fixed lag on image browser for background image selection
  • Fixed lag issues on BlackBerry Tour (and other devices)
  • Fixed several potential memory leaks
  • Fixed errors on first time built-in map loading
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