Best Buy’s Blackberry Bold Price Sheet

Boy Genius got the Best Buy RSS sheet for the Blackberry Bold.  We went one step further and I did some research of my own.  I got you guys the official pricing for the Blackberry Bold.  I know it’s blurry but the camera was a little shaky, but circled is the price and it says $679.99.  Don’t get scared, it seems high, but that is the product price.  They will most likely not even sell the device without a contract like they usually don’t, but who knows, I may be able to get them to do it(I have before).  You may notice the date that says 9/11/2008, but this is just the date they entered it into their system.  I will try and get prices with contract as soon as possible and I will keep updated with their inventory.  So until then October 26 is their release date.

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