BlackBerry Bold 9700 Release Date Rumors

blackberry-bold-9700Now that the BlackBerry Storm 2 has been released we can now move on to the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9700.  As is the case with any upcoming BlackBerry phone we have many release date rumors to go over.  We do know for sure the Bold 9700 will be released sometime in November but on which dates?

It appears that Rogers will be the first to release the BlackBerry Bold 9700 as today their stock became available for retailers to purchase.  Even though they showed up in the system we still don’t know an exact date but some are speculating a November 4th release.  As for AT&T we are hearing rumors that they will release their Bold 9700 on November 16th.  It looks like T-Mobile will be the last major carrier to release the new Bold.  It is expected that their models will be released a week after AT&T’s but this is pure speculation.  As always keep it locked here and we will update you as soon as these release dates become official.


  1. td says:

    there is a web seminar on the 16th of november for the new features and applications on the bold for att..that doesn’t mean it drops the 16th but they will have a full out demo so i think it will be close to that date

  2. taylor says:

    i hope it is the 11th i can not wait for this phon to come out. i dnt want to keep this iphone. i hope it is son beofre new moon comes out

  3. aiden says:

    Is it gonna be the 11th or the 16th for ATT? I can’t wait my birthday is the 11th and I need to get rid of my iPhone. There are tons of rumors about T-Mobile but none for ATT

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