BlackBerry CEO John Chen Gives BBM Consumer a ”Fond Farewell” On Inside BlackBerry Blog


Last Friday the world said a very emotional goodbye to BBM Consumer. While many have expressed their sadness for the shutdown, one person people were waiting to here from was BlackBerry CEO John Chen.

Today, John Chen finally gave his thoughts on the situation in a new blog on Inside BlackBerry.

This past Friday we bid farewell to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) consumer service. But rather than look at this as “the end of an era,” we’re choosing to celebrate and fondly remember BBM consumer while looking forward to our exciting next phase.

First, I want to join all of our faithful BBM consumer users in expressing that I too am sad to see it go. The outpouring of posts on social media lamenting BBM consumer speaks to the powerful nostalgia and experience our company was able to craft. Personally, I will miss using separate channels with friends and family and fun features like stickers and emojis to interact with them. What I’ll always treasure, though, are the experiences, relationships and conversations made possible by our BBM consumer service and platform.

This closing chapter on BBM consumer does not mean the end of BlackBerry Messenger’s story. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We’re excited to offer our BBM Enterprise (BBMe) encrypted chat service to all individual users. With BBMe, our loyal BlackBerry Messenger users now have robust end-to-end encryption at their fingertips. As an enterprise-grade messaging platform, users who adopt BBMe will have the reliable text-based communication of BBM’s consumer service with greater levels of security and privacy built in.

The incredible reaction our users have shown speaks to the history of BBM. But I’m equally as excited about BBMe becoming a trusted and secure messaging app for all. BBMe is already trusted by governments and major corporations around the world. These organizations know that the need for privacy and security are paramount. Whether you are a head of state, head of a bank, or head of your child’s sports team, know that BlackBerry will never monetize your data. We will always ensure your data is yours, you control it, and its secure and private. I hope you enjoy using BBMe.

This message is a really important message from John Chen. This post helps drive home the fact that, while BBM Consumer has been closed, users still have a great BBM experience that they can be apart of in BBM Enterprise. They will get the same great text based communication along with enterprise-grade end-to-end encryption.

While I know some were waiting to hear him state what features would be coming to BBMe, this message shows the role that BBMe will play in the new narrative of the new BlackBerry. BBMe is a secure messaging application for users to use that will allow them to be fully in control of their data. It also tells me that BlackBerry is committed to keeping BBMe around and promoting as they have been over the past few weeks.

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  1. Ann-Louise Winter says:

    Three things I really want to see in BBMe are 1) easy access to the classic BBM emoji 2) open at last unread and 3) stickers. Emoji colour the story and express and clarify meaning more than simple flat text can. Open at last unread makes joining a chat very efficient as you can pick up where you left off. Stickers make chatting fun and lighten the mood.

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