BlackBerry Clyance VP Tom Pace Discusses Ransomware on 60 Minutes



Last night, 60 Minutes did a story that focused on the growing cyber threat known as ransomware. It was really great news story that covered examples of companies being attacked by ransomware hacks and it also discussed ways to prevent those attacks from happening. Part of the discussion on how to prevent ransomware attacks included BlackBerry Cylance Vice President Tom Pace! Tom Pace showed CBS’s Henry Schuster tips on how to prevent ransomware from happening to them and others watching. He discussed what to look for with phishing attempts in emails and how to lookout for suspicious attachment files on your computer.

Tom Pace also sat down with Scott Pelley and showed Scott what exactly goes on in the dark web of the internet. He actually went on a site, encrypted a network of his own and encrypted all the files that were on that system! It is really great seeing BlackBerry Cylance get some on air time on prime time TV.  This not only Brings BlackBerry back into a public spotlight, but it allows people to see what BlackBerry Cylance is and what they are capable of doing.

The Interview is really great and has a lot of great points in it. You can check out the full interview with the link below, and also check out the video below for a quick Ransomware Prevention guide.




Full 60 Minute Interview

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