BlackBerry ER Lets You Recover Your Stolen BlackBerry

090829061937The BlackBerry is something most of us keep by our side 24/7. That’s the thing about smartphone’s that makes them so special, they are relied on more than any other gadget in the world. Our biggest fear is losing our BlackBerry to the wrong person and never being able to find it again. Fear no more because PocketMac has developed an app called BlackBerry ER that will recover your device if it’s stolen.

When you stop and think about it a stolen BlackBerry is a dangerous weapon.  Just think of how much personal and confidential information you have on there not to mention all your contact numbers.

This really is a great piece of software because as soon as your BlackBerry is stolen you can begin tracking the thief and ultimately catch him or her.  See most thieves replace the SIM card when they steal a smartphone.  As soon as this happens BlackBerry ER kicks in and will send you a text message to a back-up phone with all the thief’s info.  Finally we won’t have to worry about someone stealing our BlackBerry anymore.

Purchase BlackBerry ER ($5.00 off until Sept. 11, 2009)

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  1. Mike Starus says:

    i have been using the app for my bb called berry snooper its the best app i have ever used to locate my lost stolen blackberry works with GPS and without GPS the most intriguing thing i have seen, so simple interface once installed takes itself back end and no one come to know check it at

  2. Thomas says:

    This seems like a very cool app… I am going to put this on my recommend list to people.

  3. zach1 says:

    I have been waiting awhile for an app like this, I wonder how reliable it is?

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