BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox and Hub+ Services Update Brings the Ability to Add Any App to the BlackBerry Hub




If you have been using the BlackBerry Hub on your favorite Android device, whether that is a BlackBerry Android device or a non BlackBerry Android deivce, you have probably noticed that BlackBerry has been adding different applications to the Hub view. Popular apps like Reddit, Skype, Twitter, Discord, Facebook, and other great apps. While they added a lot of these apps in the beginning, as of late though they weren’t annoucning too many new ones. Well today a new update for the BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox and BlackBerry Hub+ Services has rolled out with a really cool update. You can now add any application to the BlackBerry Hub to receive notifications for that app right through the BlackBerry Hub. For those in the beta program this has been available but for those who haven’t had to chance to see this, it is a really neat feature. It allows you to channel all your notifications through the BlackBerry Hub instead of the Android Notification system if you want to.


The setup is pretty simple and you can arrange the apps to be where you want to appear in the hub. If you aren’t seeing the new feature make sure you head over to the updates tab in the Google Play store and grab the latest version! Let us know in the comments below which apps you are going to add to the BlackBerry Hub!

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