BlackBerry is Making a Comeback and People Are Noticing!


We all know that BlackBerry has had some rough times over the past few years.  BlackBerry’s stock had taken a huge plunge, and it’s smartphone market shares dwindled lower and lower.  The once smartphone king, had been dethroned by the likes of Apple and Android.  For years many people were calling BlackBerry a dead company.  The Media, especially was calling for the death of BlackBerry to be announced, as the company was losing cash by the minute.

Then, things started to change for BlackBerry. On September 23rd 2013, BlackBerry was acquired by Fairfax Financial for $4.7 Billion.  In November of 2013, John Chen became CEO of BlackBerry and start the rebuilding process of the hurting company.  BlackBerry dabbled a little bit more in the smartphone world, releasing devices like the BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Classic, and the first ever BlackBerry device running Android on it, the BlackBerry PRIV.  None of those devices brought in the sales that BlackBerry was looking for, and they started to shift their focus towards Software, but not just mobile software, software in pretty much everywhere.

BlackBerry has always been known for its Enterprise software. Thus the reason BlackBerry made a shift from being a hardware company, to a software company, back to its roots. BlackBerry’s enterprise software helps companies manage their mobile workforce securely.  BlackBerry has expended their enterprise software with acquisitions of companies like Good Technology, Secusmart, WatchDox, and most recently Encription LTD. They have also been making strides in the autonomous field by bringing security to autonomous cars.

All of these things that BlackBerry is getting into, is making them money, last quarter they ended with $1.7 billion in the books, up nearly $90 million from the end of November.Their stock rose past $10 for the first time in two years yesterday.


BlackBerry is also gaining attention.  BlackBerry has always been know for its expertise in security but it is starting to become more noticeable.  With the recent RansomeWare cyber attack, more and more companies are starting to look towards BlackBerry to help their companies minimize the damage from attacks like WannaCry. The WannaCry attack, woke a lot of companies up to the dangers that come with taking the security of their company lightly. Services like BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry Workspace is getting a lot of attention from companies who are interested in securing their future.

People in the media and everywhere else are starting to see how much BlackBerry’s turnaround is working. Places like CNNMoney are starting to realize BlackBerry is back from their dark days, thanks to things like their Stock price being up as much as it is today. This is great for BlackBerry and they deserve it a lot.  For them to be considered a dead company, and now a company who is going to be in the black as of the end of this year it’s amazing to see.

A big part of BlackBerry’s recent success is BlackBerry CEO John Chen. John Chen has done an amazing job at turning around this company. He has stood tall and guided this company to where it is today.  It wasn’t an easy task to take, but he got BlackBerry through the dark days with confidence. He has become one of, if not my favorite CEO’s of any company for the way he has handled BlackBerry and their turn around.

It is great to see BlackBerry starting to get back into the positive spotlight.  BlackBerry deserves to be in the positive spotlight for what they are doing, and what they will continue to do.  They might not be making devices anymore, but what they are doing now I think is far more important I believe. I am proud to be a follower, or believer of this company. A few years ago, I compared BlackBerry to your favorite sports team that is in the middle of rebuilding the team. There were a lot of losing seasons, but now BlackBerry is on the road to many years of success and it is great to see!

BlackBerry is Back!

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