“BlackBerry is Not Interested in Being a Patent Troll” States BlackBerry CEO John Chen


In recent weeks, BlackBerry has filed Patent Infringement lawsuits on both Facebook and Snap Inc. (Snapchat) for using BlackBerry’s messaging patents.  After these two lawsuits surfaced, many folks started to refer to BlackBerry as a Patent Troll.  In a recent interview with Recode Decode, BlackBerry CEO John Chen stated that the company has no desire to be a patent troll.


                                                        “We are not interested in just lawsuits or being a patent troll. “

In about the 27:20 mark of the interview, John Chen defended some of the companies recent actions against certain companies. Now, while he didn’t give any names of those companies, we all know that he is referring to Facebook and Snap Inc.  BlackBerry has 37,000 patents under its name and BlackBerry has every desire to protect those patents.  John Chen is a former engineer and has a lot of respect for innovators and the innovations that BlackBerry has made over the years. It is his job to help make sure those innovations are protected.


                                            “Being a public company CEO, I have a responsibility to maximize our assets.”

John Chen did talk about approaching companies that they believe are using BlackBerry’s patents without BlackBerry’s consent and discussing a licensing agreement. If that company doesn’t want to play nice, BlackBerry decides to leave them alone or go after them.  In both Facebook and Snap Inc., we know that BlackBerry did offer to work out some sort of agreement with both companies and BlackBerry was told no. This, of course, caused BlackBerry to file Patent Infringement cases against both companies.  Now, this doesn’t mean BlackBerry is going to sue every company out there, but if the company is willing to pay BlackBerry for BlackBerry’s innovations then there is a chance a court case may be needed.

Check out the podcast below for the full interview and listen to what old BlackBerry device John Chen wants to bring back from the past!



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