‘BlackBerry KEYone 2’ Screen Protectors Appear on Amazon!


We all know that BlackBerry Mobile will be eventually releasing the successor to the BlackBerry KEYone, but the question everyone is asking is of course when.  Well, it seems like we might have received our answer.

Over on Amazon, it seems like case and screen protector manufacture Skinomi is now offering screen protectors for the BlackBerry KEYone 2.  We have seen this happen before with other case manufacturers and other phone releases.  Manufactures like to list the products as placeholders for when they can actually sell the accessories. The very interesting part of the listing on Amazon though isn’t the screen protectors, its the actual date that the screen protectors are going to be available.  On the listing, it shows that the screen protectors will be available starting June 15th, 2018.   This might be when the BlackBerry KEYone’s successor will be made available, considering you wouldn’t want to have a screen protector before the phone is actually available.  Now this date could always be updated of course, but case and screen protector manufactures usually know ahead of time when a phone is going to release, this way the cases and screen protectors can be ready to sell.

This is pretty exciting considering that June 15th is almost 3 months away, and it means we probably won’t have to wait long before we have our hands on a shiny new BlackBerry KEYone 2.

You can check out the Amazon listings here.

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