BlackBerry KEYone July Updates Still Being Rolled out?


The Android Security Update for July was rolled out to a lot of user very early in July.  Talk to BlackBerry KEYone users though, it seems not many received the update.  I myself, received the July update on my BlackBerry PRIV but not on my KEYone there has been no signs of an update.  I check the update app pretty religiously as well!

Well today, August 3rd 2017, I received the July update on my BlackBerry KEYone. If you have a KEYone that hasn’t received the July security update, go check for one and you should see it appear. Now this does leave me wondering, what about the August Security update?

If you think about the BlackBerry PRIV,  BlackBerry has been pretty consistent about pushing out the monthly security updates. I believe very early on in the PRIV’s life they missed a monthly update, but BlackBerry just rolled that update into the next month’s update.

With the BlackBerry KEYone though, the monthly security updates have been kind of off.  They tend to take a little longer to reach the KEYone’s than they do the other BlackBerry Android devices.

I do know the July update did have reports of software glitches  and might have been pulled for those reasons once BlackBerry got word of the issues. Again there hasn’t been an official roll out of the August security update from BlackBerry or just no announcement yet.  We will keep you posted on when we heard something and hopefully the BlackBerry KEYone Software updates get back on track! Stay tuned!

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