BlackBerry ‘Krypton’ Device Stops by Wifi Alliance for Certification


Last week we saw a device with a model number of BBD100-1 pass through the Bluetooth SIG certification. Well today that same device seem to have stopped by the Wifi Alliance to get certification as well.  It also developed a code name of Krypton. We have heard the codename Krypton before but never really had anything to tie it to.


  One interesting thing that we get from the Wifi Alliance is that there seems to be six different SKU’s for the device. There are only four listed BBD100-1, BBD100-2, BBD1003, and BBD100-6. However, I’d be willing to bet there are six in total.  All the devices listed are running Android Nougat and have both Wifi Frequency bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.  As far as information goes, that is really all we can tell.  We do know that there is an all touch device coming in October and with this device going through both Bluetooth SGI and Wifi Alliance Certification, I am pretty certain this is the device that is coming.  We will know soon!

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance via: MobielKopen

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