BlackBerry Krypton Will Be Known as the BlackBerry Motion, Check out the First Leaked Images!


For months now we have been referring to the next full touch BlackBerry device from TCL as the BlackBerry ‘Krypton’. While we have been calling it by that name we have also known that the name probably won’t stick once the device is made official by TCL. Just like how the BlackBerry Mercury later became the BlackBerry KEYone.  Ever since we have heard that there is a full touchscreen BlackBerry device in the works, we have been wondering what official name it might get, well it looks like we might finally have an answer.

Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks on Twitter, revealed that the BlackBerry Krypton will be known as the BlackBerry Motion! He also leaked what looks to be a press image of the rumored device.  If you don’t know, a press image is a photo of the device that is usually given to media outlets, like to use before getting the device in their hands.


The device to me looks pretty good looking. It looks very similar to the BlackBerry KEYone design with a few tweaks. Of course, this is an all-touch device so there isn’t a physical keyboard at the bottom of the device. The outer housing of the device looks to have gotten flattened out a bit and has done away with the silver color in favor of a gray color.  Now keep in mind we do know that there are a number of different sku’s available for this device, which could mean the device colors might vary.   Looking at the picture you will also notice the home button/ fingerprint sensor of the device. Some have stated that it is an ugly look, but I really like it, especially how they have seemed to have put the BlackBerry logo under the glass of the button. It seems flush with the front housing and should lead to a pleasant user experience. You will also notice the buttons, power, convenience key, and volume keys, have all made it to one side of the device.  The lower button looks to have different texture or design to it than the others and makes me wonder if it is the power button or the convenience key. Hopefully, it is the convenience key, as that might confuse some if it is the power button.  And yes for those who have been scared, the BlackBerry Motion does look to have a headphone jack to it!

As for the name BlackBerry Motion? I am still pondering over the name. The name KEYone made a lot of sense for the BlackBerry KEYone.  It was the first physical keyboard device coming from TCL/ BlackBerry mobile. The word KEY represents the physical keyboard, and one represents the first device in that series.  BlackBerry Motion however, doesn’t really represent the full touch concept of the Krypton. Now it could have something to do with the software of the device or something else about the device.

I would love for TCL to bring back the naming traditions of older BlackBerry devices.  If you remember back in the day, we had device names like the BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Torch, etc.  Each name would represent that type of device, for instance, the BlackBerry Storm was the full touch device, BlackBerry Curve was the low-end consumer-friendly device, and BlackBerry Bold was the flagship device geared more towards the business users.  Also, BlackBerry device names had numbers to them as well. There was the BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Bold 9780, etc.  Early on the BlackBerry device model number represented which features that device had.  My memory isn’t as good as it used to be but if a device had certain numbers in it, it meant it would have GPS, or Bluetooth or not have something as well.  This is something I would like TCL to do with their future devices.  They don’t have to go using a crazy numbering system or anything but maybe keep the names of the devices tied to the type of the device.  Hopefully, the next physical keyboard device will be called the KEYtwo for instance.

The BlackBerry Motion is rumored to have a Snapdragon 625 or 626 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 4000 mAh battery, a home button with a built-in fingerprint scanner and is IP67 water and dust-resistant.  This is a highly anticipated device from TCL as it is the first full touch device with their full control on it. The device is scheduled to be released this month so we should be hearing more about it soon!


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