BlackBerry Loves BlackBerry 10 as Much as We Do!

Alex Thurber Tweet


Ever since BlackBerry released the BlackBerry Priv and showed dedication to bringing security to Android, many have wondered what BlackBerry planned on doing with BlackBerry10. With no BlackBerry 10 device launch for about three years now, things have been looking poorly for BlackBerry 10. Many have written BlackBerry 10 off and insisted that BlackBerry has given up on BlackBerry 10 and are switching to Android only.  BlackBerry has stated that it is still supporting BlackBerry 10 with software updates in the works, 10.3.3 and 10.3.4.  However, there really hasn’t been any word from BlackBerry about future devices or if they even have feelings for BlackBerry 10.

In an interview with CrackBerry , BlackBerry’s Chief Operating Officer Marty Beard confirmed that BlackBerry is not abandoning BlackBerry 10 at all.

“Our roadmap is completely driven by our customers. We are absolutely not backing away from BB10 because we have a huge amount of customers on BB10 and high expectations from that group.” Beard said. Additionally, Beard noted that “The company’s never said that we would not build another BB10 device.”

 “BlackBerry is pulling all the top features from BB10 and adding it to its Android system, creating a hybrid that has the best of both worlds.”

We also heard from Alex Thurber, BlackBerry’s Senior Vice President for Device Sales that BlackBerry loves keyboards and BlackBerry loves BlackBerry 10 as seen in the tweet above.  It’s great hearing from folks at BlackBerry about not giving up on BlackBerry 10. Although we have heard from BlackBerry CEO John Chen that BlackBerry 10 is his dream operating system. Some thought his words were just typical PR words to not make investors and BlackBerry 10 fans upset.

BlackBerry has been stating they have an exciting device roadmap coming down the pipeline and it will be interesting to see what comes out.  BlackBerry has 10.3.3 and 10.3.4 in the works as well. 10.3.3 is coming soon and 10.3.4 should be coming sometime next year. We have also been hearing that a BlackBerry 10 device might be coming shortly after 10.3.4. Hopefully it will be something I can replace my Classic with! It’s great to see BlackBerry 10 being talked about at BlackBerry! Lets Make BlackBerry Great Again!


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