BlackBerry Mobile, Please Don’t Bring the Notch to BlackBerry Devices


If you have been paying attention to the some of the recently rumored and recently announced Android devices, you might be noticing something. Many phone manufacturers are releasing devices with a certain hardware design, the Notch.

When Apple released the iPhone X late last year, the introduce the Notch.  The Notch is the little dip in the top portion of the screen.  There are some folks who really like the look of it and then there are a lot of people who think it looks silly. To me, the Notch takes away screen real estate for things like watching movies and viewing photos. Now some app developers have implemented changes to their apps to adjust to this but, it still looks odd in my book.

In recent weeks, we have seen leaks and releases of upcoming phones from LG and Huawei.  Both of these devices have something in common with the iPhone X. They all have the Notch on them.

                                                                                          Photo Courtesy of TechnoBuffalo


                                                                  Photo Courtesy of Evan Blass


Now we have seen this before. Android OEM’s take design features from other OEMs including Apple. For example, Apple introduced the Finger Print sensor when they included Touch ID in the iPhone 5s. Shortly after that, Samsung and other Android manufacture started including fingerprint sensors in their devices.  Another example is when Apple released the Dual Cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung was quick to do so on their next device. Other Android manufacturers were quick to follow. ( Yes, HTC did the Dual camera thing first, but no one really followed).

While I don’t mind what LG and Huawei are doing with their future devices,  I am hoping one manufacturer doesn’t follow everyone else, BlackBerry Mobile.  Now, before I continue, I don’t think this is a trend that BlackBerry Mobile is likely to take part in. BlackBerry Mobile seems to like doing things a little differently than everyone else. I mean they did release a Keyboard device in 2017, which has sold pretty well might I add. The Notch just doesn’t seem like something that would fit on a BlackBerry device. Could you imagine the KEYone with the Notch? I can’t, it just wouldn’t look right at all.

So Please BlackBerry Mobile, don’t bring the Notch to our beloved BlackBerry devices.  Sincerely, BlackBerryBrad!


What do you think, would you like to see a BlackBerry device feature the Notch? Let us know in the comments below!


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