BlackBerry OS Autoloader Files Now Available



If you are still waiting for the 10.3.3 to officially hit your device or are already bored with you current version, the BlackBerry autoloader files are now available.

There aren’t really any big changes that have been discovered in 2205. I am thinking this might have just been a bug fix update. If you know how to install the update using the Autoloader its a nice way to get the latest update without having to wait for it to show up on your device. The update was created on December 8th 2016, and released on December 12, 2016. Please keep in mind that you should proceed with caution if you do not know how to use the Autoloader.

Click here to get the Autoloader files


Source: CrackBerry

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  1. Rehvolution says:

    I just checked for my updates and it seems to be that is the first version of OS 10.3.3 which is being rolled out OTA to Devices at least over here in Germany.

    I came across this update by accident when I saw news about an update before I realized that the news were dated “16th January” the year before, so 2016. Anyone having the same update being displayed by now? Any experiences by now?

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