BlackBerry OS Autoloaders Now Available for Downloading!


There are a lot of folks still hanging onto their BlackBerry 10 devices. Using these devices as their daily drivers.  One question that I get most from these users, is when or will we ever see a new OS update for BlackBerry 10.  BlackBerry did state that we would see one more OS update for BlackBerry 10 in the future, but that was a pretty long time ago and many have kind of lost hope. Well, it looks like you might not have to lose too much hope.  It seems like a new BlackBerry 10 OS Autoloader update has come off the BlackBerry Server, ready for anyone who is willing to install it.  The autoloader is for BlackBerry Folks over in the CrackBerry Forums were able to discover this autoloader and put together a changelog for the update.


What’s New?


  • WebKit libraries have been updated for the Browser.
  • KRACK fix appears to finally be in place.
  • Wireless firmware for Broadcom devices has been updated.
  • Wording on package installer no longer mentions Amazon, replaces it with “a trusted app store”.

Now, we don’t know if this update will hit the OTA update, so if you want this update you will have get it via the autoloader form. If you aren’t familiar with the process head over to the CrackBerry Forums where they have some pretty good instructions. Let us know if you find anything interesting!


Download BlackBerry OS autoloaders


Source: CrackBerry


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