BlackBerry OS 10.3.3 Now Being Rolled Out by BlackBerry



If you are using a BlackBerry 10 device, you like myself, have been waiting for the 10.3.3 update to roll out. We have been hearing from BlackBerry that it would be made available by the end of the year.   It looks like our wait is over, just in time for the last month of the year! It looks like BlackBerry OS is being rolled out to BlackBerry 10 devices as we speak. Now my BlackBerry Passport is getting OS, which might mean there are multiple updates out there or my Passport is somehow behind in an update. Also my BlackBerry Classic is reporting no updates at this time.  If you have a device from a carrier, you might have to wait for the carrier to push the update as well. Now if your device is not showing the update you can try to update your device via the unofficial way with Autoloaders .  The only big change I have seen is some browser enhancements but I am still digging through the update and should know more soon.

Make sure you check the Software Update in the settings and grab this much anticipated update! Let us know if you find anything new in the comments below!

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  1. nishant ketu says:

    I want to upgrade my BlackBerry leap. Can anyone tell me when update will be available in India

  2. Montmartre says:

    Hi Brad. refers to the OS version, while refers to the software version. These are one and sole update. So you Passport is definitely running the latest BB 10 system.

    Can’t wait to find out new features and fixes.



  3. Blue.apeman says:

    What specific improvement does the new update bring? There’s a complete shroud of secrecy behind the changelog I received the update today, but I’m not jumping for joy until these questions are answered My Passport runs fine just as it is…

  4. pavan says:

    Can anyone tell me when it will be available in india. I want that update for my BlackBerry z3

  5. sai says:

    till it is not release in india.. whats the problem

  6. sumer broota says:

    Kindly check the Android Runtime version. Thank you

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