BlackBerry Privacy Shade Update Brings New BlackBerry Redactor Feature


If you are a user of the BlackBerry Privacy shade, you might want to go check out the new update in the Google Play Store.

The new BlackBerry Privacy Shade update brings a really exciting feature to the Privacy Shade called BlackBerry Redactor. BlackBerry Redactor allows you to hide private or sensitive information from your screen before you share a screenshot.
This is great if you want to share an email with a co-worker or family member but want to hide the private information that might be included in the email like account numbers or phone numbers. BlackBerry Redactor allows you to black out the information in the screenshot and then share it to a ton of different apps like BlackBerry Hub, BBM and more.

Before BlackBerry Redactor



With BlackBerry Redactor


This is a really great feature for BlackBerry to add and I think it will be really useful to many! Go grab the update in the Play Store and let us know what you think!

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