BlackBerry Storm 2 Coming to Verizon in September?


Another rumor that is big news, is the Storm 2 that may be hitting Verizon in September.  Less than a year goes by and we may already have a better Storm, not only with a functioning OS (I would assume) but with a few other features that Verizon has been yearning for.  How does a better touch screen and WiFi sound?  Not enough?  What about a possible 5 mega pixel camera?  Well take out of this what you would like, but being rumor we doubt that anything solid will hit the streets in September.  Last year RIM wasn’t the poster child for being on time with device releases and I hardly see that being the case this year as well.

If I were a Verizon customer, I would not be looking towards the second version of the Storm, but to the release of the 9630.  All of my Verizon buddies are jealous of the Bold and all its glory.  I am just telling them to wait a few months for a device that will trump the Bold, minus Wifi.  However, with the word of a better touch screen on the horizon, many will be quick to give the Storm a second chance.

via BGR, CrackBerry, and SlashGear

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    yea i heard about this too


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