BlackBerry WorkSpace: Making Sure your Files Stay Secure Anywhere they Go!


Every day, companies send millions and millions of files. These files are being sent from manager’s, company presidents, company CEO’s, company payroll department, and human resource departments, just to name a few.  These files are suppose to be going to the correct employee inside that organization or the correct customer client, but how do you know? Data breaches are happening every day, sometimes every few seconds of the day. Important corporate files are being viewed by the wrong person.  This puts the companies finances at risk, companies intellectual properties and much more at risk.  Data breaches aren’t the only thing for companies, what if an employee is upset with a company and is trying to do fraudulent activity?

These are questions that companies deal with everyday, and many don’t think there is an answer for any of these questions.  However, BlackBerry has an answer for them. It’s called BlackBerry WorkSpace!  What is BlackBerry WorkSpace? BlackBerry Workspace is the leading secure EFSS solution, allowing users to access content anytime, anywhere, and file share inside and outside their organization. BlackBerry Workspace embeds Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection on every file.  This helps files stay secure even after they have been downloaded. BlackBerry Workspace is a great FTP (File Transfer Protocol) replacement, giving companies and easy and secure way to transfer large files up to 10GBs. Companies no longer have to deal with cumbersome and complex FTP services and have to risk the security.

BlackBerry Workspace synchronizes and protects files across all devices, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10, giving end users the access to a BYOD environment. BlackBerry Workspace, ensures that all devices are running the correct version of software and the most up to date version of the file.  With BlackBerry Workspace, users can access, edit, and notate documents right on their mobile device, Desktop PC, laptop, or Mac without any issues. They can also collaborate securely with BlackBerry workspace with multiple users on the same file.  What is great about BlackBerry Workspace is that companies can see everything that happens with every file.  Each file can be given permissions and those permissions can be dialed right down to exactly who can access that file and what they can do with that file.Workspace will track every bit of file activity, such as who is accessing a file, where they are accessing it from, what they are doing to that file, when they did what they did to that file, where they did it thanks to Geolocation, how it was accessed, even the IP address and device that was used to access it. If someone has access to the file that should, the file can be quickly revoked and removed from that device.  BlackBerry Workspace also Deters against screen capturing with Spotlight viewer, which blurs the screen except where the mouse pointer is hovering


What sets BlackBerry Workspace apart from other services? It is the security that BlackBerry Workspace offers. BlackBerry Workspace provides file level security with 256 bit encryption for each and every file.  Files can be set as view only, making it so that the file can not be share to anyone or anyway.  Companies can even watermark their documents to help further secure them.   BlackBerry Workspace also extends security to other existing mobile storage services like Sharepoint, Sharpoint Online, OneDrive for Business and more. BlackBerry Workspace also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and

Just a few weeks ago a news story broke out about the Netflix series, Orange is the New Black. Episodes of the upcoming series are currently being held hostage for ransom (at time of posting).  It’s not really clear how the episodes got into the wrong hands, but I am sure BlackBerry Workspace could help prevent it from happening or help discover who is behind it.

BlackBerry Workspace is a must need tool for every company out there that wants to make sure their files stay secure everywhere they go.  If your company is not using BlackBerry Workspace, your company is putting it’s company and employee sensitive information at risk.

To find learn more or purchase BlackBerry Workspace click the link below!

Learn more Information about BlackBerry Workspace.

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