Bolt Browser gets Update to Version 0.83

**Update: OK, I was just informed that Bolt gave us our own referral code.  So, you guys can use berryreporter as your referral code if you’d like.

*Update: Our buddy Troy over at BlackBerry News told us that we could offer you guys the BBNews Bolt referral code so that you can get Bolt!  So go to on your BlackBerry and use the code bbnews.  Thanks Troy!

Sooo, I know I haven’t posted about Bolt yet.  Bolt is a new mobile proxy browser made by the great folks at Bitstream.  Bolt is  super sweet browser for BlackBerry that allows you to search web pages in a full desktop view.  It is like Opera Mini, so it allows for a full internet browsing experience.  With Bolt, web content is never reformatted, repurposed or removed.   I have not yet really used Bolt, I have it on my phone, but haven’t gotten the chance to give it a fair test.  Supposedly it’s really quick and today it got an update!  The new version is 0.83.  Unfortunately Bolt is still in private beta, but you can sign up to hopefully get it here.  Here are some of the new features:

1. APN configuration automated for BlackBerry devices. BOLT now auto-detects network details. This will eliminate the “internet not available” error messages, and manual APN configuration requirements, some BlackBerry users were experiencing.

2. BlackBerry dedicated back key support. Also supported on some SE devices.

3. BlackBerry scrolling enhancements. Scrolling on track ball BlackBerry devices is now faster and smoother.

4. BlackBerry-specific enhancements to match BlackBerry system short cuts such as “.” when space is pressed in URL mode.

5. System fonts will be utilized instead of Bitstream fonts for lists and options, resulting in increased usability.

6. Improved server support, resulting in a more stable browsing experience.

7. Automatic reconnect after client/server disconnect

8. Usability enhancements for URL, Favorites and History entry and management.

9. Instant switching between landscape and portrait modes (this formerly required a server round trip). This should also enhance user experience on accelerometer powered devices such as the BlackBerry Storm.

10. Auto-Update. When a new release is available, BOLT will prompt users to download and install the new release directly from BOLT.

11. Blackberry Specific Scrolling/navigation enhancements including space to page down one screen and space+shift to page up one screen, ‘t’ to jump to top of page, ‘b’ to jump to bottom.

12. Double tap/double click as a shortcut to toggle between zoom out split screen mode, and full screen mode.

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