Bolt Browser Version 1.6 Now Available for BlackBerry

bolt_16The world’s fastest mobile browser just got faster as Bolt has released a new version for BlackBerry phones. Bolt 1.6 includes some important new features and enhancements that help improve on the award winning browser. BlackBerry users now have the ability to set Bolt as their default browser, this was a much needed feature. Bolt 1.6 also now supports full socket-based connectivity which means even faster page rendering. This can help increase page rendering speeds by as much as 15 percent so Bolt is faster than ever before.

Bolt hasn’t been the most visually pleasing mobile browser but with new version 1.6 users will notice some nice design enhancements and tweaks.  There is also a new password manager feature so you can choose to save passwords and usernames for instant access to your favorite sites.  Bolt 1.6 is not as big as the last update which finally brought Bolt out of the beta stage but it certainly improves on one of the best mobile browsers out there.

Download Bolt 1.6 from your BlackBerry

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