Breakdown of Mobile OS Market Share Released by Gartner

Today Gartner has come out with the Mobile OS market share numbers and as you can see RIM is doing pretty well in this little battle. RIM has gained 3.3 points bringing them to 19.9 market shares; this puts RIM in second place. Symbian is in first place but I don’t really count Symbian as a smartphone OS considering that it can’t do as much as other smartphones can do.

If you look at the other smartphones you see that Apple is right behind RIM. This is always good for RIM!  Apple sold 10M fewer units that BlackBerry does but again BlackBerry has more devices than Apple does. I am very curious to see what the future has in store. Considering that there is the so called “data crunch” coming up carries are going to be looking for smartphones with an OS that doesn’t use up a lot of data. RIM is doing great with not using as much data as the other smartphones such as the I-phone and Andriod. Check out the graph below that shows how much data the different smartphone web browsers use.

Just by looking at that little graph you can see that RIM’s web browser uses clearly a lot less than Apples, Win mobiles, and andriod’s.  On Monday, Apple stated that they are going to stick with AT&T as their main carrier.  We know that Apple is pushing the I-phone a lot but if it keeps using as much data as it does, AT&T might start pushing the Blackberry devices more so they can lower the stress on the network. Only time will tell I guess!

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  1. Brad Gesullo says:

    according to RIM they are conserving bandwidth, who knows though

  2. Mansour says:

    I hope RIM get more and more ..

  3. DavidB says:

    Until RIM upgrades the BB browser to WebKit based… Then all bets on “conserving bandwidth” are off!

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