Canadian Storm Launch Updates and Stuff

Us Americans were pretty upset to get the BlackBerry Bold, basically last.  So when we were one of the first to get the Storm, we were pretty ecstatic; so much so that we sold them out until mid December.  Now Canada is gearing up to launch the BlackBerry Storm on two carriers; Bell and Telus.  We’ve been hearing a whole lot of stuff going on.  Both are planning to launch the Storm soon.  Here’s the skinny.

  • Bell has not yet announced a release date for the Storm, however they are launching soon.  They are also starting to enter the world of Storm promotion.  They supposedly have some ads coming out with no useful information and they now have a demo video on their site (not a very good one).

Bell BlackBerry Storm Demo Video

  • Telus has been on the Storm Promo drug for a while now.  They have some new contests going to further promote their launch of the Storm, which is rumored to be Dec 8th.  First, they have a  site up where you can enter to win 1 of 10 BlackBerry Storms.  Second, Telus and CTV are having another contest where you can win a Storm, $500, and an expenses paid trip to the Telus Storm Launch Party!

Telus BlackBerry Storm 1 of 10 Contest

Telus/CTV Launch Party Contest

Goodluck Canucks!

Bell and Telus info via BB Cool

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