Major new BBM update for Android and iOS released this week!

It’s about that time as another BBM update rolls out this week for both Android and iOS. Hold tight as its a biggie! This new update brings lots of new features to both the app and BBM Desktop as well as some exclusive new features for Indonesia. Read the full press release below which highlights... Read more →

Review of BlackBerry KEY2 OEM Flipcase

Earlier this week BlackBerry Mobile EU online store finally dropped the two OEM accessories they teased around the NYC launch party in June. We were lucky enough to cop the Flipcase and its definitely worth purchasing if your looking for a case to protect your brand new BlackBerry KEY2. This all black... Read more →

Unboxing the Incipio BlackBerry KEYone Cases

  The BlackBerry KEYone is such a gorgeous looking device! However, just like with any smartphone you probably want to make sure you get a great case to help protect this beautiful device, or maybe to just give it a little style! Our good friends over at Incipio were kind enough to send us over... Read more →

BlackBerry KEYone Accessories Appearing on Cove.Co.UK

  If you are the owner a shiny brand new BlackBerry KEYone, you are probably looking for ways to keep it safe a secure.  I have been searching for some accessories ever since I got my device last week. Well it looks like has some accessories up for sale on their site. The are offering... Read more →

BlackBerry Sync Pod for the BlackBerry Priv

    I am sure many of you like a clean-looking night stand just as much as I do.  These days it seems like I have a good handful of devices that I am charging overnight, but I hate when it starts looking cluttered.   One of my favorite accessories to get with any BlackBerry device that I... Read more →

BlackBerry Leather Pocket for the BlackBerry Priv

  The BlackBerry Leather Pocket for the BlackBerry Priv has been a really big surprise for me.   I have been checking out a lot of cases for the BlackBerry Priv, and this case was the case I thought I was going to like the least.  However, its actually one of the cases  I liked the most. The... Read more →

BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster for the BlackBerry Priv

  There are a ton of great accessories out there for the BlackBerry Priv. Accessories like the cases and screen protector.  One of my favorite accessories for any BlackBerry device that I get is the leather swivel holsters. I’m not a big fan of putting my device in my pocket in fear of scratching... Read more →
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