LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 Is being Discontinued On November 27th

  If you are a user of LinkedIn on BlackBerry 10, I have some sad news for you.  LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 will no longer work after November 27th. Now, this is really sad news for anyone who uses LinkedIn on BlackBerry 10, but I am kind of surprised it took them this long.  While the app won’t... Read more →

BlackBerry Keyboard Update Now Available in Google Play

  If you have a BlackBerry Android device you’ll want to check out the updates section in the Google store. Waiting there should be an update for the BlackBerry Keyboard app.  There doesn’t seem to be any type of new features inside the update as it just lists bug fixes and performance... Read more →

BlackBerry Productivity Tab Update Available to Download

  If you are using the BlackBerry Productivity Tab on your BlackBerry Android device, you’ll want to make sure you fire up the Updates tab in the Google Play store.  There is a new update waiting for the BlackBerry Productivity Tab inside!  We haven’t found any new features yet, and... Read more →

BlackBerry Hub for Android Receives Another Update

  If you are using a BlackBerry Android device or a Android device with the BlackBerry Hub+ Services on it, you will want to go check the updates section in the Google Play Store.  Inside there, you should see a update for the BlackBerry Hub waiting for you!  It hasn’t been too long since... Read more →

Where to Follow BerryReporter on Social Networks!

    Looking to follow on your favorite Social Media platform? We’ve got you covered. is on all major social networks and you can check the list below on where to find us! We post the latest news and other interesting post. Twitter- @Berryreporter  Instagram-... Read more →

BlackBerry Hub + Suite Apps Updates Rolling out to Beta Users

  If you are a Beta user, you should be seeing updates for the BlackBerry Hub Suite + apps.  The BlackBerry Hub+ Services, Contacts by BlackBerry, BlackBerry Hub, Tasks by BlackBerry,  BlackBerry Productivity Tab, Notes by BlackBerry and Calendar by BlackBerry have all app updates waiting in... Read more →

BlackBerry Hub Gets Updated, Brings Quick File Support and More

  If you have a BlackBerry Android device or an Android device running BlackBerry Hub + Suite, you will want to make sure you head over to the Google Play Store and grab the latest updates. Most of the BlackBerry Apps, including the BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Privacy Shade.  The latest updates... Read more →
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